Laboratory of air protection

The laboratory is equipped for the research of waste gases cleaning by catalytic and adsorption methods and for the analysis of gas mixtures.


Research activities

Research of the catalysts with applications in the treatment of waste gases from stationary sources (catalytic decomposition of N2O, selective catalytic reduction of  NOx, catalytic oxidation of CO).
Modelling of reaction mechanisms, research of  kinetics of catalytic reactions, research of equilibrium and kinetics of adsorption and desorption processes.



The experimental unit for testing catalysts

Basic equipment

  • Flow experimental units for testing of catalysts and sorbents in the gas phase equipped with reactors and columns of different scale.
  • Universal device capable to assemble variable laboratory models of physico-chemical processes.
  • Equipment for taking gas samples - a system of passive dosing of the sample, sampling device for personal sampling of organic compounds, automatic cleaning system.
  • Gas chromatographs (TCD, FID, MSD), FTIR, continual analyzers (NOx CO, CO2, NH3, N2O, SO2, total organic carbon).
  • Emission apparatus for sampling of particulate matter, heavy metals etc.
  • Chemisorption analyzer Autochem II.

Offered services

  • Testing of industrial catalysts (tablets, monoliths) for gas phase reactions.
  • Simulation and design of chemical reactors.
  • Determination of the adsorption capacity of a wide range of gases and vapors.
  • Dynamic measurement of breakthrough curves and their mathematical modeling.
  • Design of effluent gases adsorber.
  • Design of adsorber for balancing the varying concentrations of the components in the flowing gas.
  • Chemical engineering calculations.
  • Analysis of gases.
  • Catalysts and sorbents characterization – amount of reducible and oxidizable components, amount of acidic and bacis sites.


Ing. Kateřina Pacultová, Ph.D.
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tel.: 00420 597 327 327