Laboratory of anaerobic digestion

The laboratory provides basic analytical services and evaluation of biogas technology. Processes of anaerobic conversion of biomass into energy recoverable biogas and material - energy recoverable digestate are modelled and evaluated.

Research activities

  • Increase of the efficiency of anaerobic methane production during the wet and dry method
  • Application of process on less used raw materials/waste management
  • Development of new designs of bioreactors, especially for mobile units

Basic equipment

  • Respirometric system WTW  OXITOP  AN6  (6 x bottle 1 dm3)
  • Drum-type bioreactor Terrafors IS (15 dm3)
  • Anaerobic bioreactor CSTR  60 dm3
  • Horizontal bioreactor 500 dm3
  • Pilot scale anaerobic bioreactor CSTR  650 dm3
  • Various bioreactors for dry digestion      (10 – 30 dm3)
  • Moisture analyzer with halogen or infrared lamp
  • Drum-type laboratory gas-meters
  • Infrared and electrochemical biogas analyzer (CH4, CO2, O2, H2,H2S, balance)
  • Elementary analyzer (C, H, N, O, S)
  • Set for measuring of COD, pH, conductivity, ORP, O2
  • Incubators, dryers, autoclaves, gas holders, crushers, mills, homogenizers

Offered services

  • Analytical analysis of biomass, biowaste
  • Analytical analysis  of biogas, digestate
  • Preparation of raw materials (crushing, hydrolysis, acidification)
  • Physical modeling of anaerobic (co)digestion
  • Adaptation of process conditions (loading, retention time, mixing)
  • Evaluation of the impact of additives (trace elements, buffers, enzymes, microorganisms)


Ing. Jiří Rusín, Ph.D.
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tel.: 00420 596 99 7328