Laboratory of flight measurements

The laboratory is mainly focused on measurements of air quality in the ground layer of the atmosphere up to 1000 m above sea level, but can be also used for other methods of remote sensing of ground. 

Research activities

  • Research of vertical concentration profiles of pollutants
  • Provenance research and analysis of airborne dust
  • Determination of the effects of specific technologies on the surrounding air
  • Utilization of resources for remote sensing of Earth
  • Ensuring and verifying of data for the modelling of the spread of pollutants

Basic equipment

  • Dust particle analyzer GrayWolf 3016
  • Sampling device for the measurment of air pollution EGH and NUTECH
  • Remote-controlled airship ACC 15X with a payload up to 15 kg, category BLIMP, filled with helium
  • Remote-controlled unmanned aircraft equipped with sensors and camera system
  • Mobile Lab - control station for unmanned aerial vehicles

Professional team of pilots, air operators and personnel involved in sample handling are available to ensure the maximum accuracy and objectivity of measurements for further processing. The department is equipped for visualization and presentation of results.

Offered services

  • Monitoring of air pollution at higher altitudes
  • Sampling of pollution at higher altitudes
  • Determination of origin of air pollution
  • Remote sensing of Earth


doc. Ing. Petr Jančík, Ph.D.
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tel.: 00420 597 324 346