Laboratory of reduction and plasma processes


Research and experimental workplace focused on the processes of thermal reducing treatment of hazardous organic wastes, waste polymer materials for recycling purpose and waste biomass treatment with using the torrefaction, the pyrolysis (or the catalytic pyrolysis), the carbonization, the gasification and plasma.


Research activities

  • The waste management and recycling of solid and liquid wastes
  • Sorbents producing from waste carbonaceous materials for adsorption of pollutants in air and water.
  • Thermal treatment of waste material with catalyst (catalytic pyrolysis) for production of species with higher potential – hydrogen, or other chemical substances.

Basic equipment

Modular facilities is using for the treatment of solid, liquid wastes, which according to the type of waste allows to set various options for management of the process.

  • Reduction processes module - vertical or horizontal pyrolysis reactor for thermal treatment of materials.
  • Catalytic reactor - for the decomposition of hazardous substances (tar), or to change the composition of the resulting products.
  • Plasma processes module - the electrical power supply with plasma reactor generating nonequilibrium plasma ("Glid Arc").


The microwave reactor with power up to 1 kW is used for the thermal treatment of solid and liquid materials. Gaseous and liquid products are analysed by gas chromatography. The laboratory is working in concert with the laboratory of fuel analyses, where the input and output materials are being characterized.


Offered services

  • Material and energy balances for thermal treatment of biomass, wastes, hazard wastes and other materials.
  • Analysis of gaseous and liquids product from waste treatment.
  • Analysis of water content by KF titration.


Ing. Pavel Leštinský, Ph.D.
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